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It's NOT About the Tank Top.

I encourage you to forget what you think you know about what yoga means and create your own definition. Make a list of some things that are yoga in your life. Regardless of if the physical (asana) practice is for you or not, everyone can benefit from slowing down and looking inward once and awhile.

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Lavender & Epsom Bath

Epsom Salt is not actually salt (fun fact!). It's a magnesium sulfate mineral compound. When you put it in the bath, your skin absorbs the magnesium which replenishes your levels. The problem is that most people are probably magnesium deficient because most people are stressed out - stress hormones deplete magnesium levels. 

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Savasana (corpse/final resting pose) is typically the last pose in a series of physical postures in your yoga practice. This pose is beautifully therapeutic if you allow it to be. Most yoga teachers will tell you, the longer you can stay in savasana, the better off you are. If you're practicing at home, here are some tips to get the most out of your savasana.

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