A Blog's Transition


When the Effort & Ease blog was born, I wrote a lot about clean food, yoga, and overall 'natural' wellness. Like everything since the beginning of time, E&E seems to have evolved and changed to meet the demands of what's 'up' in the now. In terms of the blog, I no longer have ample free time to craft yoga sequences or come up with fresh food recipes. I don't feel as passionate about all-natural everything anymore like I mentioned in a previous post. Personally, I've evolved from being the mother of a baby to the mother of a toddler. I went from working full time to staying home full time. I went from teaching yoga every week in a studio to teaching bi-weekly in less traditional settings.

When I got pregnant, I swore up & down that I'd never let this become a parenting blog, and in some ways, this is still true. There are a lot of really great parenting blogs out there and I'm not in a place where I want to craft that content or compete with what's already out there and useful. Truthfully, parenting makes up a lot of what's "up" right now for me and I can't ignore that. In a yoga class you'll often hear the teacher state variations of where your intention goes, energy flows. This couldn't be more true across all areas of my life, and to ignore it and try to write about other things would be to try and swim upstream of where all of my energy goes. 

I'm constantly trying to find balance when I'm anxious and overall unsure of decisions I have to make as a parent. I'm trying to squeeze in time for yoga & other forms of movement because I know it's beneficial to my body and mind. I'm rolling with June's FPIES diagnosis and dreaming of the day, someday, when we're through it. Because of her diet, I'm in the kitchen all the damn time cooking colorful and healthy foods from scratch and trying to do better for myself but falling (way) short. As a highly sensitive person I've always been in-tune with what's going on for myself and others, which likely led me to social work and started me on the path of  being a 'helper'. While I'm not working in a traditional sense, my way of 'helping' right now is by being honest about what's up for me. Moving forward in writing, I want to think about and share how I'm finding balance when everything around me is changing all the time in a world where I have no control over, well....anything. This means thinking hard about what it means to be emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy and sharing thoughts and tips as it feels relevant.

I'll of course cover some surface level stuff: books we like, activities we're doing, a yoga pose I'm really feeling, etc. What I really want to do is go a little further and be straight up and honest about our lives. I can't possibly curate a perfect looking Instagram profile, pretend my house is always clean, or pretend I have my shit together. I have experience in Early Childhood Mental Health and I am certified to teach yoga to adults and children. I want to confidently share what I do feel educated in and always leave room for learning more. There is sooo much that I don't know that I feel compelled to admit this, put myself out there, and guess along with the rest of you. Letting go of common areas of 'striving' in parenting and life gives me full permission to share what is really true for me and opens up doors for my writing to be a place of openness and honesty about my real life.  All of what I want to write about will be broken down into three main categories that you'll notice on the home page: presence, wellness, and movement. It all fits in there somewhere.

As always, I want to hear from you: what you're into, what you resonate with and what you don't. Thanks for tagging along on this journey!