A Happy Hygge Season

In the spirit of not allowing myself to slip into the deep winter haze, I’m finally putting into action what I’ve been reading about for the last few winters. Hygge - pronounced, HOO-guh, is a Danish concept that basically encourages turning inward and engaging in activities that fill you up emotionally, mentally, & physically throughout the winter months. While I’m determined not to hibernate this year, meaning we’ll be getting out for sledding, hikes and crafting snowmen as much as possible, the moments when we’re in will hopefully be moments of replenishment and inner fulfillment.


From what I understand, hygge is in no way difficult, but it requires intention and purpose. It always helps to identify the “why” behind any change in routine. You’re the only one who can do things for you. Start by sitting for a moment and figuring out what it is you’re looking to get out of changing up your day-to-day. What isn’t working, or hasn’t worked in the past? How would you like to feel, think and behave differently over the course of the next few months?

Once you’ve got your “why”, think about implementing a few of these simple strategies throughout your week and see if it influences how you feel. It seems the benefits that the benefits of “living hygge” are likely due to the ways in which it engages all the senses. It’s grounding and settling to be fully in the experience of your body. Here are some hygge-inspired ways to ground yourself and fill your cup this winter.

  1. Light a candle, or three.

  2. Wear thick socks or slippers.

  3. Consume warm beverages.

  4. Eat homemade nutrient dense comfort food.

  5. Turn on a humidifier. Get some good moisturizer and use it frequently.

  6. Read books or magazines, or listen to podcasts or a book on tape.

  7. Prioritize together time.

  8. Move your body mindfully with yoga or pilates. Stretch.

  9. Write a few lines a day in a gratitude journal.

  10. Allow yourself to let go of negative thought patterns and habits.

How does that saying go? How you spend your days is how you spend your life? My goal this winter is to spend my days filling up on what makes me feel loved, safe, and happy. Hopefully, making time to engage my senses and settle in while the air is cold and the snow is blowing. Join me in doing the same and let me know how it works out.

Natalie ForesterComment