Ebb & Flow: April Accountability

I know I've admitted it in the last few months, at least a few times. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've lost touch with my yoga practice. I have struggled since having a baby six months ago to find time, energy and motivation to get up and find time to spend on my mat. Since June was born, I've 'started' my practice again more times than I care to admit. Practiced a few days in a row, felt amazing, said "I've got this!". Then something would come up, a break in routine, a sleepless night, a social event - and I'd skip one day, and then two, and then three...

You get it. 


This last 'break' in my practice is the longest I've gone since I started practicing yoga - seriously. I practiced more yoga in my first trimester of pregnancy when I was exhausted than I have in the last few months. 

Recently, in a few ways, I feel like I've hit the new-Mama jackpot. I somehow accomplished the elusive "sleeping through the night" phenomenon. I'm experiencing what sleeping 6-8 hours straight feels like for the first time since sometime last summer. I've got more energy, and with that I'm better able to participate in adult conversations and check things off my to-do list. In getting June to sleep through the night, I've (maybe) created some bad habits - like letting her nap on me, for every nap she takes. She sleeps longer, meaning she's more well-rested, meaning she sleeps great at night. I'm not complaining - I get to snuggle my baby a few hours a day, hear her little breaths, and see her huge gummy smile when she wakes up and sees me right away - it's all delicious and amazing. 

But there's a downside, and I know it's brief, but it's impacting my relationship with myself. I'm never really 'by myself', which makes practicing yoga somewhat difficult. Instead of sitting back and thinking about what I "need" to change about June's nap habits, I'm focusing on how I can change my awake time to help me feel better about me. I need minutes on my mat. 

And it's a new month, a new week. It's Monday. Today is the day I focus on what I can change and I'm here to hold myself totally accountable. I'm committing to practicing yoga or pilates, even for a short while, every day this month. 

Today I got on my mat for 15 minutes. Tomorrow I intend to do the same. I'm going to post about it on my Instagram account for the entire month of April. Follow along for the little realizations or big revelations, as I hold myself to making time for the self-care that I need. There's a natural ebb & flow to being a new Mama, and while I'm making a pretty solid effort not to be on my phone as much, especially when June is awake, I think the accountability I need is to share my journey back into a consistent movement practice. The Effort & Ease Instagram page is the perfect place to do just that. 

So, join along - and thanks for letting me share my set-backs, progress, and everything in-between.