4 Rules of Yoga & Hops

Some helpful reminders as we continue to gather once a month for Marquette's original community yoga + craft beer event: 

  1. Arrive with an open mind.
    Whether you've been to Yoga & Hops almost every time or you're unrolling your yoga mat at the brewery for the first time, you might be walking in with an idea of the way the class is "supposed" to look. Please, don't. Sometimes class is designed to get our heart rates up, make us sweat a little, and challenge us physically. Other times, we'll get into certain areas of the body by trying to shift our focus there and bring relief, openness, and a deep stretch. If you arrive with an open mind, you are more likely to enjoy your experience.
  2. Everyone is a beginner.
    At Yoga & Hops, I break down the poses so that you know where your hands, feet, hips, and shoulders are supposed to be so that our muscles, bones, and joints are safe and supported. This is because Yoga & Hops is truly an ALL LEVELS event. Even if you've been at this for 20 years, try approaching each practice with the same curiosity that a true beginner might have. If you've got an advanced practice, chances are you've fallen into some sort of habit and it doesn't hurt to go back to the beginning once and awhile. 
  3. Yoga can look a lot of different ways.
    Let's just all remember that we're practicing yoga in a brewery. The yoga at Yoga & Hops is designed to be lighthearted and fun. We won't be going into the Yoga Sutras or practicing Kapalabati breathing, but we'll stay true to fundamentals of breath, awareness, and physical posture. 
  4. Community is why we're here.
    The yoga community in Marquette has come A LONG WAY even since the beginning of Yoga & Hops. By getting together in Ore Dock Brewing Co's community space, and getting a little (or a lot) out of our comfort zones together, we're growing deeper as a community...and, that's badass. So, say hi to the person next to you and send them gratitude + thanks.