#TruthBomb Inspiration

I was gifted Louise Hay's deck of Power Thought Cards a few years back which got me started with exploring different ways to challenge my own thoughts. As a clinical social worker, I'm used to communicating about how our thoughts, emotions and feelings are all connected (the basic CBT triangle, anyone?) It's real and true that the way we think effects the way we feel and behave. Knowing this sort of predisposes me to 'buy in' to power thought cards, positive affirmations, etc. THEN, last fall, as I was spending some time at my friend Mercedes' house, I had the opportunity to flip through her copy of The Desire Map. I wasn't previously familiar with the author, Danielle LaPorte, but I'm so glad Mercedes introduced me. 

Danielle's style was admittedly confusing to me at first. Her ideas felt bold and extreme, almost in an unrealistic kind of way. Despite my confusion, I remember being intrigued and inspired. I remember thinking...How can anyone be THIS confident in their goals and dreams? So, since then I've been following Danielle on social media, and watching her Truthbomb her way through her life + business. The iOS app came out a couple weeks ago, so without hesitation I purchased it ($1.99, and WORTH IT). 

A #TruthBomb is a short bit of inspiration that one can apply to their current state (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual) at any given time. Truth bombs are short - sometimes 2-3 words. Just enough to make you stop and think. 

It's randomized, and Danielle is pretty clear in stating that there are 'no accidents' - the Truthbomb you get is the Truthbomb you need in that moment. The four you see above were saved to my "favorites" - each one has had incredible timing, serving as perfect ongoing reminders to get up and make more choices. To take back what's mine (my self care time, specifically - more on that later!). To look at every opportunity as a chance to grow and evolve.

Download the Truthbomb app. Use it, let it make you think, and then let me know how it inspires you to keep reaching your goals.