Introducing YOGA & HOPS! Wait..what?

The yoga community we've been continuing to build in Marquette is incredible and I am so grateful for each of you! This is why I'm wanting to keep you in-the-know about some changes that are happening over here at Effort & Ease Yoga. In order to prevent any confusion or misunderstandings, I'm here to give you an explanation of each of the changes. We'll start with the first, perhaps the most obvious change. The name...


  • I wasn't thinking too far into the future when I first started doing this event in October. On a whim, we brainstormed "Flows & Hops" and it stuck. I never really loved it - that's the truth.
  • "Flows & Hops" never really screamed "yoga" to me. This is concerning because unless someone is familiar with the practice of yoga and has maybe heard the phrase "vinyasa flow" before, they may not connect that the event was yoga-related. 
  • "Flows & Hops" rolled off the tongue..awkwardly. Folks were commonly calling it "Hops & Flow" or "Hop & Flow", or would end up just saying "the yoga event at Ore Dock". This is fine, but I want people to know the title, talk about it, and know it as the yoga event Ore Dock Brewing Company


  • Yoga & Hops is simple. Perhaps most importantly, it has the word YOGA in the title. Yoga is what inspired me to do the event. Yoga is why I show up. The beer is why I stay.
  • The whole point is to practice yoga in a brewery - to have the ability to connect with your community in a unique space and not have to leave to enjoy a cold beer afterwards. We are continuing to accomplish this, and I love it. 
  • You'll notice the new flat ticket price of $12. In a nutshell, the reason behind this change is simply (and selfishly) that it's just easier for both me + ODBC. 
  • The $12 gets you the yoga. Afterwards, you get to choose your own adventure: stay for a beer or two, leave to pick up takeout and come back for your pint, or just head home if having a beer isn't for you. 


  • Stay tuned for a REALLY exciting announcement, particularly if some Summer fun-in-the-sun community yoga sounds good to you. Effort & Ease is teaming up with some other local businesses to bring you more awesomeness. Be first to hear and sign up for the Effort & Ease Newsletter!

As always, thanks for being incredible, Marquette!
xoxo - Natalie