Off the Mat: Three Podcasts I Can't Miss

I love public radio. It started with slight interest when I lived in Vermont and everyone who was anyone tuned into VPR. Over the past few years, I've come to enjoy getting my news and entertainment via Michigan Public Radio's live stream. I look forward to laughing along every weekend with Peter Sagal + guests and wept a little inside on Carl Kassel's last day on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me (even though Bill Kurtis is a great replacement). 

We ditched cable TV awhile back, and apart from the occasional Netflix series, I've found life without mindless television to be enlightening. In our house, it's music and podcasts that fill the air when I'm cleaning the house or cooking in the kitchen - and I love it. Over time, with the help of the Podcasts app in the iTunes Store, I've been able to access my favorite public radio programs at my convenience.

You might be thinking, "Podcasts have nothing to do with yoga or wellness". Fair enough, but one thing I've learned through my physical yoga practice is that my yoga happens everywhere. Living my yoga means doing what makes me happy off the mat. Carving out time for listening to my favorite podcasts every week is as fulfilling as my regular yoga practice, in an entirely different way. With that being said, here are the three podcasts I listen to every week.

The Splendid Table 

lt helps that Lynne Rossetto Kasper's voice is warm and inviting - but mostly I listen to The Splendid Table because it makes me drool and I actually learn things about cooking. Part of what's so great about this podcast is that it feels like having conversation over coffee with a favorite relative - talking about mouth-watering food. Despite loving the kitchen, I'm not the most creative chef: the "Stump the Cook" portion of this podcast always amazes me. Lynne has great ideas that turn regular ingredients into savory dishes that are worth trying. 

The Dinner Party Download  

What's not to love about the Dinner Party Download? It's a lighthearted podcast that's meant to give you topics of conversations at a dinner party. I don't attend a whole lot of dinner parties, but if I did - I wouldn't be embarrassed to use this podcast as a conversation piece. It's got culture, music, cocktails and humor all wrapped in one. Not to mention Rico & Brendan are great hosts. Week to week, you'll find interesting guests, good tunes, and you might even learn a thing or two about all things random. This is my go-to podcast when I'm cooking dinner. 

The TED Radio Hour 

A lot of people love TED talks, but I feel like the TED Radio Hour is lesser known. Guy Raz does a great job hosting the show, which features excerpts from 4-5 TED talks all having to do with a common theme. It's almost always heartwarming and great for anyone who doesn't have a ton of time to listen to several TED talks (who does?) Between each excerpt, the original TED talker chats with Guy - answering questions, tying up any loose ends that didn't make it into the talk, or providing more info that make the talk even more interesting. I always learn something when I listen. 

Happy listening!