Sunday Soundtrack: Florence & The Machine - Lungs

Sundays are great for a lot of reasons: if we're lucky, we get to do exactly what we need to do. This ranges from sleeping in & waking up slow to zooming around the house cleaning, cooking and prepping for the week ahead. I am more motivated some Sundays than others, but on my best (and most productive) Sunday afternoons, I make a list AND get to check it all off. Today is one of those days.


Days like today require a soundtrack that can match my energy and empower me to plow through my to-do list. Florence + The Machine's album Lungs does just that. Music has the power to take us back to some of the best times in our lives, reminding us of our blessings and accomplishments. This album coincides with memories of my move from Michigan to Oregon, when I moved across the country and was filled with excitement about new adventures and opportunities. 

If you're looking for music to help motivate, inspire and encourage you, here you go. Happy Sunday!