Lavender & Epsom Bath


One of my favorite ways to relax is taking a bath. When I'm stressed or overwhelmed, there's nothing better than shutting the door and having a mini spa experience in the comfort of my own bathroom. A nice + warm bath with about a cup of epsom salt and 4 drops of essential lavender oil and I am good to go. Taking a bath is relaxing in itself for most people, but the combination of epsom salt and lavender oil aid in unwinding and relaxing even further. Here's why: 

Epsom Salt is not actually salt (fun fact!). It's a magnesium sulfate mineral compound. When you put it in the bath, your skin absorbs the magnesium which replenishes your levels. The problem is that most people are probably magnesium deficient because most people are stressed out - stress hormones deplete magnesium levels.  According to the National Academy of Sciences, low magnesium is said to be the possible cause of heart problems, joint pain, digestive issues, stress-related illnesses (like high blood pressure), fatigue and a plethora of other problems*. Soaking in epsom salts can help decrease inflammation and can soothe nervous system and muscle function. 

Lavender Oil has a-gazillion uses and adding it to your bath is one of the easiest ways to benefit from its balancing and calming properties. A key thing to remember about essential oils is that they are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way. I recommend starting with three drops and adding 1-2 more if you feel the need. There is such thing as too much when it comes to essential oil. 

Sometimes I enjoy music or podcasts, sometimes I bask in quiet stillness. The combination of epsom salt + lavender oil in the tub is my favorite way to "get away" at home. Share your favorite ways to tune out and relax at home!