DIY Flavored Water


It was 81° today. Where I grew up, the beginning of October meant busting out layers, drinking warm apple cider, and catching a glimpse of my breath on the way to school. While I'm more than ready to put on my boots and puffy jacket, I have to admit, wearing shorts and taking in a little autumn Vitamin D this afternoon felt amazing.

It's important to stay hydrated. Water makes up for half (or more) of the body's weight and aids the body in...well, everything. Staying hydrated helps regulate digestion, decrease food cravings and increases one's ability to focus and concentrate throughout the day. much water is enough? There are a few suggestions floating around. For awhile it was 8 glasses of water a day. More recently, the most popular water recommendation is drinking half one's body weight in ounces per day. By this standard, a person weighing 150 pounds would be drinking about 75 ounces of water a day.  That's a lot. It may seem impossible (or damn near close). The key here isn't to aim for perfection. Drink enough so that you feel healthy, full + alert.

Simple changes can be made to water to make it more delicious and easier to drink. Rather than buying plastic bottles of water or flavored beverages, use a reusable container (preferably glass or metal) and add your own 
all natural flavors.

Consider adding fruits, veggies, and even fresh herbs + spices for a refreshing twist. (There are certain water bottles that have filters + straws so you don't inhale a sprig of rosemary or choke on a chunk of lemon).  

To go along with the autumn heat wave, my water today was simple and consisted of:

  • 3 slices of cucumber
  • a whole (small) lemon 
  • a decent sized chunk of fresh, peeled ginger

The above ingredients last all day and provide enough subtle flavoring for several re-fills. Don't be afraid to get creative: other delicious combo's are raspberry + mint, rosemary + lime, orange + vanilla bean, and strawberry + lemon. Get creative - there are so many delicious combinations out there. If you're not on-the-go, filling up a large jug with a spout for your refrigerator works great - just make sure you freshen it up with new ingredients every 2-3 days.