5 Benefits of Taking Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential part of healthy functioning and well-being. I started supplementing with Vitamin D a few years ago and haven't looked back since. There are too many benefits not to supplement with Vitamin D everyday, especially in the winter months if you live anywhere where Old Man Winter takes over for a loooong time. 

Here are 5 reasons to start supplementing with Vitamin D: 

  1. Immune Function: Ever wonder why flu season spikes in the winter? Some theories suggest it's because people are getting less direct sun exposure, thus receiving less natural Vitamin D. The sun usually does it's job for most folks during the summer, but in the wintertime, vitamin D levels decrease and the common cold creeps it's way in. Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with increased autoimmunity and susceptibility to infection.*
  2. Bone Health: Vitamin D makes it possible for our bodies to absorb Calcium. Good calcium levels = good bones. Insufficient Vitamin D intake blocks calcium absorption. Taking Vitamin D means supporting your bones.*
  3. Muscle Development: Vitamin D is essential for our skeletal muscles, and when we're deficient, our bodies notice the difference. Low levels change the ways in which muscles respond to vigorous exercises and changes how long it takes for muscles to recover. Taking Vitamin D reduces physical fatigue and strengthens the body.*
  4. Blood Sugar Regulation: There is significant clinical correlation between low Vitamin D and Type II Diabetes. Adequate Vitamin D levels can help regulate blood sugar, keeping risk for Type II Diabetes low.*
  5. Reducing Inflammation: Vitamin D has anti-inflammation and antimicrobial properties that can help keep us healthy and reduce overall pain and discomfort. Taking a Vitamin D supplement keeps inflammation levels low, increasing overall general health.*

Some Tips about Supplementing with Vitamin D:

  • It's tough to find Vitamin D naturally in foods. Some fish have high levels, and there is fortified dairy milk if that's your thing, but most people would have to consume a lot of these things in order to reach your recommended daily intake. Supplementing is the easiest way to get adequate amounts each day.
  • Vitamin D is fat soluble, so make sure the supplement you take is in the form of an oil or be sure to take it with your favorite healthy fat for proper absorption. 
  • You can find out if your levels are low with a blood test - but chances are, if you live where it has been Winter since November, your levels are probably low. Recommended intake for an adult is about 1,000 IU's per day. This is debated, and I boost my intake when I'm feeling under the weather. Do your own research and decide what amount is best for you.