Off The Mat: Yoga is Everywhere

This morning, I was supposed to deliver a dozen bagels to Mike and all of my best guy friends who are all staying in an off-the-grid cabin this weekend. It's "guys weekend", yet no one put up a fight of my bagel delivery + drop off suggestion, so to Third Street Bagel I went. The drive was nice, and I was looking forward to walking through the woods, saying hello, and taking off.

But then the Big Bay road was closed because a mining truck carrying a bunch of ore tipped over. Shoot. Thought process:

- They're going to think I'm dead in a ditch.
- No they won't. They'll think I forgot. Definitely that.
- What am I going to do with 12 bagels and 2 tubs of cream cheese?
- At least the police officer who turned me around was nice. 
- I should have given the police officer my bagels. 
-Seriously what am I going to do with all of these bagels?

The parking lot at Sugarloaf was empty except for two guys getting on their snowmobiles (because - U.P.). I parked my Suby and up I went. Crunchy snow in some spots but mostly super sketchy ice luges covered in slush. A total adventure. No other humans around, just a lot of birds. Went off-roading around some of the stairs so as not to fall and break my back. Good thing I had my best winter kicks on - it was deep. 

The sun was peeking perfectly through the trees and the fog was lifting off the lake. At the top, I sat on the wooden railing and experienced that feeling of being 100% present. My senses were elated. Thanks to the road being closed, there weren't even any logging trucks in the distance to hear flying around corners and going down hills. The sun was warm. I could hear my heart beating and feel my breath moving. I was physically alone but it sure didn't feel like it. There was energy and life all around and it was all happening right now.

A sweet little reminder of our lack of control over anything except breath and presence. 

Sometimes you literally come upon a road block and plans have to change. You can get distracted and anxious or you can find the silver lining. You can choose to be fully present and simply notice whatever comes up for you when plans change. You can catch your thoughts and choose how you respond to them. 

One of my favorite takeaways from my teacher training was my list of "100 Things That Are Yoga" that my beautiful teacher had us write. Only a handful of things on this list are asana (pose) based. The biggest lesson from this list is that a whole lot of yoga happens off the mat.

You can practice yoga anywhere. No poses necessary.