How "Flows & Hops" Came to Life

Thanks to Mike Forester, my partner in life and love, for making the poster for this event. 

Thanks to Mike Forester, my partner in life and love, for making the poster for this event. 

At the end of August, I learned of some yoga classes taking place in breweries out West (where all the fun ideas are born, apparently). I immediately thought of Ore Dock Brewing Company, a brewery and community space in my beautiful hometown of Marquette, Michigan that hosts all sorts of fun music and culture events throughout the year. With rustic brick walls, track lighting, a fireplace, and old original hardwood floors, it is the perfect space for yoga. 

So, I teamed up with Anjila, the amazing manager at ODBC, and she was 100% on board. Once the wheels started turning, it became obvious that this was going to be pretty great. The event includes:

  • An hour of basic, vinyasa yoga. Not too hard, not too easy. Probably too easy for some. Probably a little too challenging for others. I feel like I need to reassure people: we will NOT be balancing on our hands, or our heads, but we WILL try to balance occasionally on one leg, and we'll probably shake and fall out of the pose, and we'll definitely laugh. 
  • One cold pint of local craft beer. Enough said. Tons of delicious choices, even a gluten-free option (which is super tasty) for the folks that want a beer but not a bellyache. 
  • Connecting as a community - maybe my favorite part of the event. Going to a yoga class is mostly a solitary act despite being in a room full of other people. This event gives us as a chance to get to know each other after class - to socialize, connect, and maybe even make new friends over common interests.

I am SO excited for this event, for so many reasons. I love teaching yoga because yoga makes people feel good. Even more, I love that the people I teach yoga to regularly, and people who have never been to my class, will all get the chance afterwards to talk to one another and break up their work or school week with a low-key social event. 

Before you get your traditional yoga panties in a bunch (yeah, I said it) - don't worry. I respect the tradition of yoga immensely and I also realize that having a beer after class is not the ninth-limb of yoga. But guess what? It's okay. It's okay because the tradition of yoga will always be there and you will always have the chance to meditate, disconnect from your senses, and fill your soul's cup on your mat - all things my yoga practice gives me on a regular basis. 

Find the event on Facebook: Flows & Hops: A Community Yoga & Craft Beer Event

You can buy your ticket ahead of time online at the Effort & Ease Yoga page, or you can get your ticket at the door. I can't wait to see you there!