Morning Kick Smoothie


Yum. Let me preface by saying, I love breakfast. A lot. One year ago, a blood test revealed that eggs + gluten were making my body really angry. My 25 year old body felt like it was 65. Whether it was my knees, my lower back, or my wrists, I was always in pain and injuring myself handling rambunctious young children at work. As if the joint pain wasn't bad enough, my daily alarm clock was an aching gut and a sprint to the bathroom. Lifestyle changes since have changed my life forever - and actually inspired me to write this blog (if you don't feel 100%, you CAN change that. It's not easy, but it doesn't have to be hard!)

Giving up egg + gluten was really hard. Especially at breakfast. My go-to breakfast growing up was my mom's famous egg+cheese sandwich wrapped to go...and it was delicious. Going out to breakfast was suddenly socially awkward. Most delicious breakfast food is gluten and egg.  I know how important it is to fuel up first thing in the morning - so I needed an at-home fix that wasn't GF oatmeal or an apple + almond butter (although, these are two really great options). 

Insert green smoothie here. I had dabbled with green smoothies before I even considered getting my blood drawn to figure out what was going wrong inside my body. After receiving the news, I had to get serious about making these smoothies in a way that sustained me with enough energy until lunch in addition to starting my morning with a ton of important nutrients. 

There are endless possibilities with morning smoothies, but a couple key points to remember. Fruit is healthy but packs quite a bit of sugar, so it's important to choose just a couple that will give you sweetness but not send you into a sugar crash at 10:30 a.m. Greens are 
really good for you and are almost always masked by the flavor of whatever else is in the smoothie. Since fresh fruit and greens are easily recognized and digested by your body, it's easy to feel hungry after a green smoothie - this is where supplements come in. Chia seeds and hemp seeds are essentially flavorless and add the necessary protein + fiber to keep you full. Lastly, dairy is really really not necessary. Coconut water, different nut/rice milks, or fresh 100% juices (like apple + orange) work perfectly fine to help get your smoothie to a consistency that is easily slurped through a straw. 

Today's smoothie was simple. In this order, I threw the following into the blender:

·       A few handfuls of Power Greens (baby kale, red + green chard, spinach)

·       A chunk of fresh ginger

·       A small banana

·       Fresh cut mango

·       A chunk of fresh ginger

·       A tablespoon of hemp seeds

Figuring out the right amount of ingredients is important in order to avoid producing a HUGE amount or not enough, but this takes practice. Part of the fun is the experience in the kitchen, so play with it and don't be afraid to get creative. Enjoy and be well!