Avocado on Toast - Best Lunch Ever?

I LOVE avocados. I love them for all that they are - full of healthy fats (the  kind that keep your brain and body fueled), and fiber (to keep you full and regulate digestion). 

This lunch is simple, fast, and filling. Nothing groundbreaking by any means, but the kind of flavor that comes from this easy lunch is worth sharing. 

  • Slice your ripe avocado (north to south) - keeping the halves together around the pit. Cut 1/4 inch off from the "north" pole of the avocado and peel the skin off. Slice the avocado to your liking.
  • Using 1 piece (or 2) of lightly toasted sprouted grain bread (option to make gluten-free if you need to), place avocado in a single or double layer. 
  • Sprinkle with Pink Himalayan Salt + your favorite pepper blend. 
  • THAT'S IT.