This is a new, ongoing feature that I'm really jazzed about. #SimpleSelfCare brings you new tips and tricks to take care of yourself, in big and small ways. As a new social worker and a yogi, I know how SERIOUSLY important self-care is. After writing last week's post on ditching "busy" from our society, it became clear that we can all benefit from a little more self-love.

I want it to be interactive. Share it, post it to Facebook and Instagram, and hashtag it #SimpleSelfCare. It could be your quiet cup of tea in the morning. A new book. Taking something off your supposed 'to-do' list. Or, you're having dinner with a friend you that haven't seen in a long time.  Self-care looks SO many different ways. Share yours! 

On Sunday, look for a post by a guest blogger - she's been a long-time friend and knows a thing or two about the mind-body experience.

Are you interested in writing a post for Effort & Ease related to your self-care practice? Always welcoming guest bloggers. If you want in, email effortandease@gmail.com and let's have a conversation.